Alex testimonial anxiety

I had been struggling with the grief of losing my best friend to suicide for 2 hard years when I finally sought out the help of Hypno-Tates. After the first session, my immediate feeling of sadness/sickness that I would get when thinking about my friend and the situation had gone, and been replaced with a feeling of warmth and comfort. I had a further session for anxiety and realised that through their Hypnotherapy  Cath and John allowed me to pinpoint the issues i needed addressing and deal with  them whilst I was under. I’ve continued for a few more sessions and I’m feeling great. The relief and positive change that hypnotherapy with them has brought me is hard to put in to words, but I would encourage anyone considering help with anxiety, grief, addiction, depression and other intimate issues who thinks they are beyond curable, to give Cath and John a call.

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