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We are a Hypnotherapist couple, we can offer you Female/Male or combined therapies

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Content Free working

This means no need to revisit traumatic events or drag up past memories.
There is no need to remember the past to shape your future

You do not even have to speak of what the issue is!

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Sometimes, things can be overwhelming, however, no-one is an island.
We are available to work with you within therapy to clear that path


Grief and Anxiety Specialists at Hypno-Tates Hypnotherapy


We are Cath and John Tate, a married hypnotherapist couple who trained with the UK Hypnosis Academy after our son took his own life at 19 and we struggled to find the help and support we needed after his death.

We were diagnosed as suffering from severe Post-Traumatic Stress with hyper-vigilance and anxiety issues. We experienced nightmares, flashbacks, physical symptoms such as shaking and pounding heartbeat accompanied by high-stress levels and inability to sleep. This greatly affected our day-to-day lives and impacted our personal and work relationships.

We looked for support but we were only offered counseling or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which involve repeatedly discussing the distressing incident, which only caused more distress re-living and re-visiting such a traumatic event in our lives.

Eventually, we were both treated with Kinetic Shift – a technique that releases blocked emotions and makes the brain think about the problem or issue in a different way. It is a bit like having a book on a shelf that you can now take down and look at when you need to, rather than that book always being open in front of your face at the page with the upsetting event. Following this quick but dramatic session, we were both able to move on with our lives which had been at a standstill, the effect was immediate and for us, life-changing.

Hypnotherapy helped us deal with all the issues and emotions surrounding our son’s death both at the time and now as we live our lives without him. We are trained in the latest Hypnosis techniques using the rapid induction method which allows quick hypnosis and more time for resolving issues. We are both trained Kinetic Shift Practitioners and trained in Sexual Freedom Hypnosis.

Are you going to allow issues from your past to hold you back or are you ready to deal with them and move on?

We can help you deal with Grief & Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Remove Fears & Phobias as well and use hypnosis to Stop you Smoking or help you Lose Weight.

We offer free 15 minute consultations, and a choice of male/female therapist or if appropriate we can work together on a consultation.

Call now, email us, or message our Facebook page to set up an appointment and move on with your life.

Cath Tate Grief and Anxiety Specialist at  Hypno-Tates Hypnotherapy

Cath Tate

Anxiety was a massive problem for me following the tragic death of my son at 19 where he took his own life, I struggled to continue even with the most simple everyday tasks like shopping and housework. I didn’t sleep, suffered terrible separation anxiety when I wasn’t with my husband or my other son, had nightmares, flashbacks, physical shaking, and suffered from hyper-vigilance.

Life was a nightmare but we continued as best we could.

By chance, a friend was visiting my husband and he saw the state I was in and performed Kinetic Shift on me, with immediate results. I was able to manage my anxiety better and cope with the flashbacks and nightmares, my brain just didn’t view the event in the same way anymore. It was less acute and this allowed me to improve my daily life, come off medication, and move forward instead of being consumed by what had happened.

Together with Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift changed my life. It allowed me to move on and deal with the most traumatic event imaginable. It reprogrammed my brain to view the situation differently and enabled me to be more positive and manage anxiety and the effects of grief.

I wanted to help others who had been unable to find the help they needed and trained to be a Hypnotist, together with my husband to enable us to do that.

I  support those who have suffered Trauma and Grief. It was not helpful to me to discuss such a traumatic event as it could not be changed, so it was attractive to me to get help in a different way where I did not have to go over the painful events over and over or even discuss them if I did not want to. I don’t want anyone to struggle to find help in the way that we did.

Anxiety is important to me, as it affects everyone at some point in their lives, but when it becomes all-consuming, affecting every decision and aspect of lives, then people need help, support, and tools to manage this anxiety on a daily basis. I understand how debilitating anxiety can be and feel lucky to have overcome post-traumatic stress and improved my own anxiety levels.

Call, message or email to get booked in and begin to address your issues.

John Tate Grief and Anxiety Specialist at  Hypno-Tates Hypnotherapy

John Tate

At 57 years old,  depression has been a problem throughout my adult life. I have undergone counseling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which did not address the underlying issues and involved repeatedly going over the same past events.

Following the death of our son at 19, I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress and severe anxiety. I was worried that my depression would affect my ability to support the rest of the family and went for help. I struggled to find the help I needed as I did not want to rely on medication, but through welfare, at work I was treated with Kinetic Shift a quick and easy technique with immediate results,  and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy changed my life.

The effect of Kinetic Shift in dealing with the trauma was immediate and dramatic, and together with Hypnotherapy has enabled me to process and manage this traumatic event and move on in my life in a more positive way, now supporting others.

I have a particular interest in Grief and Trauma Therapy and Men’s Mental Health. I want to remove the stigma attached to mental health especially among men and don’t want any family to struggle to find the help they need after a traumatic event or death as we did. People need to discuss mental health and support each other to find the right solution for them.

Call us, email, or message our Facebook page, we can arrange for a free 15-minute consultation or book you in for an appointment that could change your life.