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We are a Hypnotherapist couple, we can offer you Female/Male or combined therapies

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Content Free working

This means no need to revisit traumatic events or drag up past memories.
There is no need to remember the past to shape your future

You do not even have to speak of what the issue is!

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Sometimes, things can be overwhelming, however, no-one is an island.
We are available to work with you within therapy to clear that path

What even is Sexual Freedom?

Sexual Freedom as defined by our trainer, the internationally renowned Kaz Riley, an expert on sexual problems is

“the ability to chose to have a consenting, confident, satisfying sex life, in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt and shame”

Sex is an important part of any relationship but it can also be problematic. For whatever reason, many people struggle with guilt, shame, embarrassment, or an inability to discuss their sexual issues or preferences. Some struggle with confidence, physical problems, or things that have happened in the past, others lack that connection with their own sexuality or intimacy with their partner. Everyone has a right to access the help they need without being judged whatever their sexual orientation or preferences. We always advise that you get checked out by your GP first to rule out any medical issues.


If sexual freedom therapy interests you please contact us via the website


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How can hypnosis help your sex life?

Hypnosis can address the guilt and shame often associated with sex at its core on a subconscious level. It can create new behaviour patterns and responses whilst improving the mind and body connection, this allows the person to take back sexual control. It can help people to have positive and fulfilling sexual experiences by feeling comfortable with their own and others’ bodies, and giving themselves permission to give and receive pleasure whilst communicating their own needs, wants, and desires.

We can deal with a range of issues including loss of libido, porn addiction, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, intimacy issues, guilt, and shame. We always advise that any issues are checked out by your GP if necessary.


What will happen?

Following booking in, you will have a detailed discussion of the issues at your first session. Most people need around 3-6 sessions but it may be less and these are usually around 2 weeks apart. We will then use hypnosis and our sexual freedom training to support you to make the changes needed to reach a happier and more fulfilled sex life.

For more information about our training please visit and for more information about our trainer Kaz Riley, please visit